Retten Sie die Zukunft von 130 Schulkindern            Deutscher Infoflyer (PDF)   hier abrufen
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As a non-profit organization, project:help supports specific projects in South Africa, where people receive help to help themselves. The organization focuses on making education and training available to children and young people, thus giving them a basis for providing for themselves in the future and becoming full members of society.


Working strictly on a voluntary basis enables us to transfer a 100 percent of the funds we raise, without any administrative fees or other additional costs.



Retten Sie die Zukunft von 130 Schulkindern

Infoflyer (PDF) hier abrufen


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Die Lingener Band "UNISONO" spendet
15.000 Euro!




Barbara Greis zu Gast bei der ems-vechte-welle.

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